Metal Flake in a Scorpion Truck Bed Liner

We all know what bed liners do….they protect! 

Protection is the name of the game in the automotive accessory industry.  A vast amount of products out there in the accessories market is to provide protection in some form.  

Does protection have to be bulky, unsightly, and unappealing?  



Scorpion has proved this concept time and again with our staple bed liner product, Scorpion’s XO2.  

XO2 from Scorpion is the most versatile truck bed liner available on the market.  The only limitation XO2 has your creativity.  With 25 years on the market, we know a thing or two about customizing a bed liner.  





Of all the ways to customize a bed liner, a metal flake additive might be the most unique (it is certainly my favorite).  


What is Metal Flake

The vast majority of truck bed liners are black.   There is nothing wrong with that, sometimes through, you want to add a little spice.  Metal Flake is just that.  A way to add some spice to an ordinary truck bed liner.  

The way Scorpion goes about applying a Metal Flake bed liner application is fairly simple.  The base layer of bed liner is applied just how you want it based on thickness and coverage.  (IMPORTANT TO NOTE: the base layer of bed liner material can be any color.  Usually black, but any color is possible including color matched to the paint code of the vehicle).  

Once the bed liner is down, we will now use a “micro batch” of truck bed liner material with NO pigment.  You will use Part A, Part B, Part C, and 2 tablespoons of the desired color of metal flake.  This micro batch will then be lightly broadcast over the liner.  Spraying this batch with no pigment, allows the micro batch to settle on top and dry clear with the flakes of metal shining as though it is embedded into the bed liner.