Marketing your business with today’s technology. Is your business using Social Media?

social-media-torontoToday’s world is fueled by instant gratification and knowledge.  The free-flow of information has changed our lives.  When something happens in our world, we know about it instantly.  This same technology has changed how we do business every day.  Customers are more educated than ever before.  They will research an item or product before purchasing.  How are they researching…. smart technology in the palm of their hand!!  Can your business be found?  Bed Liners, Window Film, Paint Protection, and any other accessory for vehicles should be promoted via your Social Media and online outlets.  From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Snap-chat- this is how a new generation of customers will find you.

Studies have suggested that nearly 85 % of consumer’s research products before purchasing.   Put that in perspective, 85 out of 100 research before buying.  If your business does not have an online presence or social presence you are left with a very small pond to fish from.  Online presence is only one piece of this pie.  Today’s consumers are now researching products and then going to social websites to hear what other customers are saying about them.  Your reviews will go a long way toward a potential customers first impression of your business.   We understand that no one is perfect, but when you have a customer that feels it is necessary to take a complaint to social media……address it with them!!  Good or bad, attempt to get it worked out.   I always try to take a conversation off line and offer to speak with them directly.  You will see that if you have addressed their issue, they will delete or update their review.  Customer Service goes a long way!

Many of these social networks are free.  The time invested will be minimal with many offering features to post directly from a mobile device.  Facebook has a nice scheduling option that will make it is easy to line up an entire week of posts on a Monday morning.   Say that you are going to bimagese on vacation next week and do not want to go a week without posting, all you have to do is utilize the schedule post option.  It is simple to use this feature and if you have question about it, feel free to contact the Scorpion Marketing Department for more details.

Take advantage!  These networks are being uses by the younger generation and it is time to get up to speed because this is where our future customers are going to find us.  Scorpion has several users guides that will help you get started.  Contact us to get your copy.