Marine Maxx Prep Spray

Marine Maxx ceramic coating prep spray is an oil, wax, grease and residue removal product that is designed to prepare the surface prior to Marine Maxx Multi – Purpose Ceramic Coating application.

Residue oils, waxes and fillers left behind by cleaners, polymer sprays and polishing agents & compounds can prevent ceramic coatings from properly bonding with the surface. This is a vital step in the ceramic coating preparation process.


1. Spray onto a clean, folded, dry microfiber cloth and onto the surface being prepped for Marine Maxx Ceramic Coating.

2. Gently wipe the surface with this microfiber cloth.

3. Using a secondary, clean, dry microfiber cloth, wipe off any and all hazy residue, before it dries.

4.  Repeat steps 1-3 until the surface is residue, filler, oil and wax free.

Change towels as needed.

Product Usage Tips:  

1. If the microfiber cloth becomes excessively soiled, please discard it and use a clean microfiber cloth.  

2. For the best results, please use on a cool surface, in the shade and out of direct sunlight.

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