Marine Coatings

Scorpion Coatings is known all over the world by boat manufacturers and custom industry builders alike for the performance of our marine coatings. Scorpion marine coating products and services feature an extremely tough exterior layer that provides a moisture barrier to protect against corrosion. This powerful shield can protect virtually any surface including wood, fiberglass, and metals.

Superior Protection and Safety Solutions

Scorpion’s unique marine coatings provide a durable, colorfast, non-skid coating to decks, ramps, storage compartments, platforms, and more in both freshwater and marine environments. Marine coatings for vessels and ramps improve safety by creating a protective non-slip surface and preventing corrosion of materials that can lead to splintering, rust, and sharp edges.

Key Solutions Our Products Offer

Scorpion’s marine coatings are a polyurethane-based product for high durability and UV protection for your vessel. Our coatings are safe for children and pets and give off no harmful odors or compounds. Polyurethane-based coatings have many protective benefits, including:

Abrasion and impact resistance solutions


Tear resistance

Resistance to water, oil, and grease

Resistance to mold & mildew

New paint color options, plus protective UV-shielding

Good electrical insulating properties

Protect Assets Such As:


Power Sport Vessels

Pleasure Crafts

Commercial Fleets

To find out more about our world-renowned marine coatings for boats and ramps, contact us.

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