Pontoon and other Marine Coatings

Deck coatings for pontoon boats seem to be a nightmare for most boat owners. If you go through the discussion forums on pontoon enthusiast websites, you’ll see the same question being asked time and again. Where can I get a quality pontoon boat deck coating that will actually last?

It’s true that most vinyl and other types of boat floor coatings traditionally used on pontoon boat decks simply don’t make the grade. They flake away easily and have little resistance to weathering from exposure to sunlight. I’m sure many of you are sick and tired of promises and guarantees that don’t hold true. Not many people seem to be aware that truck bed liners make a perfect deck coating for pontoon boats.

Durability is Everything.

Spending a little extra on marine deck coating that actually lasts is well worth the investment. If correctly applied, a polyurea or polyurethane bed liner could easily last a lifetime. In the long run, this is going to save you hard earned cash and you will be spared the constant hassle of sanding, preparing and re-coating your deck.

It is the most durable coating available. It is water resistant and resists virtually all chemical spills including gas. It is probably the only coating that can honestly claim to be truly UV resistant. If you think about it, the bed of a truck has to endure the toughest working conditions of almost any surface.

An attractive non-slip surface.

A pigment can be added to your marine deck coating to give you a wide range of colors. It will give you a highly durable surface and will complement the style of your boat.

The pontoon boat deck coating can be textured to give a perfect no-slip surface. While the texture provides excellent traction, it’s smooth enough to walk across with bare feet, providing excellent comfort for you and you passengers.

Non-slip surfaces are notorious for being difficult to clean. This is not true with a bed liner. The texturing is not as rough as regular non-slip surfaces, so it doesn’t collect dirt as easily and can be hosed down and mopped like any other floor surface.

There is no other alternative.

For many years truck bed liners have proven their value to vehicle owners. Until now, not many have realized that it is the perfect solution for pontoon boat decks. There is no other boat deck coating that will give you the same durability, comfort, and maintenance-free ease of use.