Water is a primary cause of slip-and-fall accidents as well as corrosion, which makes non-slip marine coatings essential for safety. Scorpion non-slip boat deck coating can make pleasure boats, speed boats, house boats and commercial vessels much safer for you, your family and your workers while on the water or moored at the dock. The coatings adhere to virtually any surface and make them impervious to water. That means your boat dock, boat hull, and any other surface that is exposed to water can be sealed and protected from the elements to prevent corrosion. Greater corrosion resistance combined with improved safety make marine coatings one of the best investments you can make when you own a pleasure craft, commercial vessel or other item on or next to the water.

Prepping a Surface for Marine Coatings

No matter what type of surface you want to protect, marine coatings work best when you properly prepare the surface. Proper preparation will ensure the best adhesion and increase the life of your water-exposed surfaces. The first step is to thoroughly clean the surface and remove any debris. You also need to remove any rust or other corrosion that would prevent ideal adhesions. If the surface is painted, it helps to sand it to prevent flaking underneath the marine coating. You don’t need to remove the paint, but you need to ensure the paint has a secure bond to the surface, and sanding it will help the marine coating bond as well. Bare metal surfaces are ideal, though, and just need to be free of rust and corrosion.

Premier XO2 Coating

Scorpion marine coatings are made using a specially designed XO2 coating material that you can purchase in differing quantities to satisfy a variety of needs. The protective coating offers the best adhesion and creates the best water barrier your vessel and equipment can have. Whether you need to coat your dock or an entire commercial fleet of vessels to protect against the elements and improve safety, Scorpion has the marine coating you need.

Convenient Coatings Kits

Each gallon of marine coating can cover about a 20 by 25 square-foot area and can be tinted to provide a custom color match for your vessel, dock, and even your trade colors. The marine coatings are offered in standard 1-gallon, 9-gallon, and 45-gallon quantities and come with your choice of tint, adhesion catalyst, cleaner, and lecithin mold release to prevent adhesion to spray guns. Kits also come with prep tools, mixing equipment, and a professional-grade spray gun and stand. You also can choose a custom marine plan for any special projects you might have.

Simple Spray Application

Applying Scorpion marine coatings is a relatively simple process that does not require specialized spray-gun skills. If you can use a sprayer to paint your home, you can use the sprayer included in the coatings kit to coat your dock, boat, deck, or other surface. Whenever possible, it helps to spray inside a clean garage or other area where you can control the humidity and temperature levels to ensure the best drying and curing times and results. But you can apply the marine coatings virtually anywhere.

Common Coatings Usage

Commonly coated marine equipment includes docks and gangways and can be used in marinas, boat repair and renovation facilities, marine up-fitters, and marine dealerships. You can use marine coatings on your house boat, pleasure boat, fishing vessel, or other commercial fleet vessels, and make them safer for use and more resistant to corrosion. When you have custom, non-slip boat deck coating on your vessels and docking areas, your day on the water will be more fun and productive.