OK so you’re sold on the spray-on truck bed liner as the ultimate protection for your workhorse vehicle. Have you considered, though, applying the same life-extending characteristics of this coating to your marine pride and joy? Whether it’s a recreational pleasure craft or brawny commercial fishing vessel, spray-on coatings keep the withering elements out.

Originally developed for trucks, this versatile technology is taking to the water. These durable coatings offer unparalleled levels of protection against the ravages of the elements. In salt or fresh water, this coating technology gives you both protection and safety out on the water.

Safety first, at sea or on the lake Marine Coatings

It happens, an unprotected boat deck can lead to nasty spills. Marine coatings create a non-skid surface on your pleasure craft’s decking so when wet feet hit the deck, there won’t be any banana peel moments. With your boat’s surfaces cocooned in this skid-resistant material, you won’t have to worry about accidents with your energy-charged kids.

That non-skid surface also comes in handy for sport fishermen. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be fighting a monster marlin and struggling to keep your footing in rolling seas. You’ll either lose that marlin or find your coccyx bone. A non-skid marine coating will keep your feet on the deck and your head in the fight.

Robust, durable protection

The polyurethane-based based marine coating can be applied to fiberglass, wood and metal. Its abrasion and impact resistance repels the sun’s UV rays and can take any punishment you can dish out.

Boat coatings also keep corrosion at bay, reducing splintering, rust and the undesirable sharp edges that come with that sort of decay. That means you can have a blast out on the sea without fretting about sea blast. With marine coatings applied to your recreational or commercial boat, you also get an additional layer of electrical insulation.

Your boat can add up to a tremendous investment over time. With a rugged boat coating, the money you would typically spend on maintenance will be dramatically reduced.

The sun isn’t going to get any cooler, scuba tanks will continue to tip over and anchor chains will still rake over the bow; that’s all in a day of a boat’s life. Scorpion’s Marine Coating will ensure you’ll be enjoying the great outdoors with your water craft for many years to come.