If any vehicle were deserving of a medal, Jeeps would be a noble candidate. Many believe that the Willys Jeep played a vital role in helping the allies secure a victory during WWII. Developed as a nimble, tough vehicle capable of conquering any terrain, the Jeep certainly earned its stripes during the war and continues to prove itself around the world still today!  Of course it goes without saying that as a bed liner company, Scorpion Protective Coatings likes the Jeep even more once it has been sprayed!  Jeep Wrangler

Since then, Jeep has undergone many changes and the brand has changed hands many times, finally finding a home with Chrysler. In recent years many Jeep models have been aimed at the luxury SUV market, offering improved comfort and specifications that appeal to the family market. One model, however, has remained true to the original Jeep credo. The Jeep Wrangler has stayed true to its roots. It is built to be durable and dependable, just as its wartime hero was many years ago.

Despite being the lowest priced model offered by the brand, the Wrangler has continued to outperform most vehicles when it comes to resale value. So, what makes the Wrangler so attractive to used vehicle buyers?

The answer is simple. The Wrangler is built to last. It has solid axles, which is not common on modern four-wheel drive vehicles, that have sacrificed the indestructibility of this design in favor of independent suspension. The six cylinder Chrysler engine, a hallmark of the Wrangler’s dependability, has proven itself and provides the vehicle with ample power. Like Jeeps of old, the Wrangler is designed to last and is built tough.

The old-fashioned technology used in the Wrangler is complemented with many modern upgrades which include hill start, a six-speed transmission and airbags. Though it’s built to endure the harshest conditions. This is rare at a time when vehicles are designed as fashion items and are built to be disposed of when new trends emerge.

Even in its looks, theJeep Wrangle, Bed Liner Spray Wrangler has not strayed too far from the original Jeep philosophy. So, in a world where quality has been overlooked and everything is disposable, the Wrangler provides a refreshing alternative. There are many who appreciate its old school common sense and this makes the Jeep Wrangler timeless and valuable. It’s a vehicle that supersedes fashion and trends but rather remains pure in its design and function. The Jeep Wrangler that is built today will be around long after all the other vehicles leaving the production line have been sent to the scrap heap.  These are just a few of the reasons why we love the JEEP!   If you are considering having your jeep sprayed in bed liner, contact a Scorpion Dealer for a quote.