Line it Like a Pro

DIY Scorpion Truck Bed Liner

With Scorpion Do It Yourself Spray-In Truck Bed Liners you have an end product that makes everyone think that you worked the extra shift and had a professional do the job. It is that easy, and that good. There are plenty of products that will make you wish you had not done the job yourself in your garage, but Scorpion isn’t one of those products. It is such a great product you will think this would make a great business, and it is that, too.

Scorpion has an electric spray gun that makes for quick work, less mess and wastes less product. Some products out there for the do-it-yourself group utilize a roll on product. Roll it on now, and in six months be wishing you had gone a different route. Select Scorpion the first time around and save yourself time, money and aggravation.

Protect your truck bed, but don’t use a brush-on or roll-on liner kit. It’s not a drop in, or snap-on liner. That’s not what the professionals use.  If you want a tough liner that will keep the truck bed from rusting, and isn’t gray, save your sanity and try Scorpion.  The do-it-yourself Scorpion spray-in bed liner product doesn’t come in just one color; there are 12.  Plus you can customize the pigmentation without getting any unwanted byproducts, just pure color.

With Scorpion products, you can redeem a trailer bed, fix an RV roof, or resurface a boat deck with commercial grade coating. Your options are limited only by your need. If you find yourself falling madly head-over-heels with Scorpion, talk to us.  There are a plethora of opportunities for you from adding Scorpion products to your shelves, to supplying your garage with top-of-the-line Scorpion bed liner products or any of the products in our inventory.  You are not left to your own devices as there are training videos, and marketing programs to help you in with your desire to work with Scorpion products.

We get pretty excited about our products, and once you try them, you will, too.  And if you haven’t thought about it, perhaps you should consider asking all of those other bed liner makers if that drop-in or snap-on product is flame retardant. Scorpion’s X02 FR formulation is fire retardant. Amazing, could be important to you.  In all of the aftermarkets, the sale can be about all about recycled materials and saving the planet, but Scorpion is about saving your truck bed for years to come, even from fire.

Also, if you are a jobber or would like to make some extra cash, call and speak with a Scorpion team member to ask about being set up as an installer. Even if you are just starting up a business in the auto industry, Scorpion can help you build your business with their marketing help as mentioned above. Give Scorpion a call today!