Hunting With my Grandson – My Thrill of the Hunt Story

I had the pleasure of taking my seven year old grandson Elias deer hunting for the first time this season. Deer hunting is a tradition in our family. My dad taught me, I taught my son and now this tradition is being passed down again. Four generations of hunting, pretty amazing.

We all started out the same way. When we were too young to handle our rifles, we learned about gun safety, sitting in a blind, being quiet and lots of patience. Although Elias was only seven, he was thrilled to tag along with his grandpa to get an idea first hand what this tradition is all about.  He sat patiently, looked ghrough the binoculars and spotted a deer far off in the distance.  The excitement on his face was priceless.  Wide eyed and excited we sat in that blind sharing and boinding over the experience.  The dde never came within shooting distance but he and I didn’t really care.

Elias has talked about going hunting with his papaw again and says he can’t wait.  We may not get a shot off but the time spent together is something I know he will reflect on for many years to come.  I know that feeling.  I still remember the first time I went hunting with my Dad.

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