I always try to be a good neighbor…… just like the State Farm commercials.   Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.  These duties have found me many times doing odd jobs to help out the people of a certain age that live nearby in my neighborhood.  Typically, it will be yard work.  Sometime a gutter needs cleaned or maybe a piece of furniture moved.  I do not mind, I am always happy to help.  To me, that is the way it should be in a tight nit community.  I would hope that my mother would have someone willing to offer her a hand to keep her from heavy lifting or getting on a latter.    


We are a tight niche community and can regularly be found in each other’s backyard enjoying a beverage of the adult variety.  About a year ago we got a new addition to our neighborhood.  For the purpose of this blog post, let’s call him “Hank”.  Anyway, Hank is single and works for multiple EMS service centers.  Needless to say he is not home much because he covers multiple shifts.  In the COVID-19 world that we are currently living in, he is a front line worker and puts himself out there everyday.  I tremendously appreciate him and fellow brothers and sisters that continue to do the work with the increased risk.  


KARMA……..is it real?  I think so!!  Recently, I noticed his yard was rapidly approaching levels that might require a bush hog in order to get it back in control.  I was fairly busy that day and had some prior plans with the family.   Nothing too big, but I did notice his yard needed attention while I was busy scalping… i meant mowing my yard.  I thought to myself, how nice it would be to show him some appreciation for the job he does by mowing his grass (assuming my push mower would actually cut down his hay field).  I continued to think about this as I finished up my yard…..I SHOULD DO IT.  But, me and my girls were going for ice cream and a game night.  The family won out!  Big mistake..  The next day my Chevy was parked in front of his house on the street and he came home he decided to mow.  He plastered my car with grass.   It was everywhere.  When you live in a town like mine, occasionally you find yourself parking on the street and you know it will happen from time to time.  A little grass around the tire, maybe a bit on the hood!  That would be all and it has happened to me a couple times.  No big deal, just a few blades of grass.  This was NOT a few blades.  I had to turn the wiper blades on to clean the windshield.  Grass caked to the headlight.  


When I approached the vehicle and noticed the obscene amount of grass clippings that Hank had deposited,  i couldn’t help but think that KARMA jumped up and bit me in the ass.  I should have mowed his yard.  I should have shouldered some of his burden.He has been putting in the long hours for the rest of society.  Hank is working double shifts.  How big of a sacrifice would it have been for me to go ahead and knock down his pasture to a more manageable state?  


I am not mad and Hank…..I really don’t think he did it on purpose.  He is a city boy after all.  It is my fault.  If I had done what a good neighbor should have done, it never would have happened.  I am tucking this lesson away to use later in life and was sure to tell my kids about the lesson I learned from this experience.