The Jeep Wave

The Jeep Wave

Everyone has noticed how Jeep drivers will throw a wave at someone else driving a Jeep.  It is a club, and you have to be driving a Jeep Wrangler to be in the club. I am now 5 years removed from being a Jeep owner…..and I miss it every day.  It happens to me at least once a week that I will throw up a wave at a passing Jeep.  


Why does my eleven year old daughter still talk lovingly of our days as a Jeep family.  She still remembers and loves to talk about days when I took for drives in the old Jeep.  Top down and doors off….. Air in your face.  


It has been 5 years and she still misses it.  My wife is not entirely in the same camp. She knows and accepts how much Eva and I loved that Jeep and how much we miss it.  When the 2nd little one came bouncing out, it was time for a more economical full size SUV.  


Just like the Harley Davidson drivers do to other biker buddies, throwing the wave up as you pass by in an time honored tradition.  


The Club


It is great to be in the club.  


Once you are in the club, you are there.  Your Jeep can be a 1950’s letter carrier or the most modern Rubicon.  You will get the wave.  


This wave represents the mutual respect in admiring each others great taste in vehicles and attitude that they will drive the BEST.  Jeep drivers show their admiration for each other with a simple gesture such as a wave hello.  


It is such a simple thing, but it means a lot to those in the club. 


How does your Jeep rank?  The Team here at Scorpion are truck guys….we make truck bed liners for a living.  So it is only natural that we care about trucks. BUT, we are Jeep guys too. What happens when you put truck bed liner guys together with Jeeps?  Naturally, a Scorpion Bed Lined Jeep.  


For the 2018 SEMA Show, we took an employee’s 2007 Jeep JK and did a “small” conversion.   For us here at Scorpion, it was fitting that the final upgrade was a complete exterior spray in truck bed liner.   The final piece of the bed liner project was taking the Scorpion XO2 ( the most versatile truck bed liner on the market) and top coating an orange metal flake onto it.  The flake was subtle enough to be noticeable but not overpowering. This unique look was created from the versatility of Scorpion’s XO2.  


XO2 is Scorpion’s staple bed liner product.  Our original formulations. It is a batch mix system that allows the user flexibility in what the final product is that will produce.  Scorpion original formula began in 1996 and is now sprayed across the world and for many purposes.  


  • Trailers
  • Fire Trucks
  • Ambulance
  • Jeep Sprays
  • Undercoating


Why the Jeep


Trucks kick ass, but Jeeps……..Oh man, they are way more than just a kick ass ride.  Jeeps are such a rugged and amazing ride. Now, if you are looking for a luxury, smooth, quiet ride, move on down the road and buy a Cadillac.  But if you want to be in a club that respects taste and culture, get yourself a Wrangler! I did once and it was a glorious 12 years. Thousands of “Jeep Waves” later, I am not in the club.  BUT, I will be again soon and I will be throwing up Jeep Waves again soon.