Tired of looking at the same bland truck bed lining every day? Scorpion Coatings has exactly what you need to bring some color into your truck bed, so contact us today!

Why Your Truck Needs a Dash of Color!

Are you bored with your traditional dull black or grey truck bed and looking for something with a bit more visual appeal? Well, look no further! There are so many different bed liner spray color options out there, and we are here to show you why adding a dash of color to your truck bed could be just the thing you need!

Enhance Your Truck’s Overall Sleekness

Looking to enhance the overall sleekness of your truck, then opt for a color matching pigment for your bed liner spray color which will blend seamlessly with the rest of your vehicle. You’ll want to look for a spray-on liner solution that is customized to match the unique color code of your factory paint, and this is entirely doable. Plus keep in mind, if you’re getting a customized spray-on liner, you might also have the option to customize the texture gradient as well!

Stand Out in a Sea of Bland

Getting a contrasting color for your spray-on liner can seriously amp up the aesthetics of your vehicle. No longer will you be just one of thousands of the same monotonously colored trucks out on the road. If you want to stand out and show off, choose a contrasting tone that will catch everyone’s attention as you roll by. 

Show Your True Colors

Want to let people know what’s really important in life? Consider matching your spray-on bed lining to your sports team’s colors! You’ll be a hit at tailgating and carpooling to games, and it’s one of the best ways for fans to let everyone know what you’re all about.

Advertise Your Company

Research has shown that a product’s color can influence between 60-80% of a customer’s purchasing decisions, and that consistent branding is ever more appealing when it comes to customer choice. If you’re using your truck for work or you have a logo on the side, consider matching the color of your lining to your overall business brand. Doing this type of consistent branding can help you stand out and make sure people remember the name of your company.

If you’re thinking about adding some color to your truck and spicing things up, then check out all of the incredible options Scorpion Coatings has to offer. Not only does Scorpion Coatings have a huge variety of colors and tints for you to choose from, but we can also hook you up with a spray-on mixture that allows you to blend perfectly with whatever the unique color of your factory paint job is. All you need to do is get the code of your vehicle’s paint job and visit your local paint supplier. For a professional application, you can also get in touch and find a local provider near you!