We’re Listening – Share Your Ideas

We are always looking for new innovations and ideas to expand the uses and easy of application of Scorpion and Al’s Products. We recently released the Scorpion 2 Gallon Kit, this was the results of many requests and feedback from existing and potential customers.

  • Currently we are wrapping up testing on the Electric Bed Liner Gun, this is going to change the way our coatings are applied and give applicators endless options on where they apply. With a dual speed turbine system your spray volume is similar to that of the Al’s Liner Spray Gun but there will be many more benefits, check back for further progress on the is technology.
  • We are also conducting tests on a new style aggregate for the X-02 formulation, this will provide a finer texture than the Rubber Crumb Granule but not require a cast coat like the Gripper Granule. This new aggregate has been tested on water parka and pool deck surfaces and we fill it can be used on many of our everyday applications.

These ideas and innovations are fueled heavily by your feedback, let us know what we can do to expand your offerings and make your applications easier.