An Indy 500 Tradition

When the calendar turns to May, most people think about nice weather, family gatherings, and time at the lake!  In Indiana, when the calendar reaches May, it is time for the Indy 500!  For me growing up in Indiana, I never took advantage.  It was not something that was on my radar nor did care about it.  Once I met my future wife and in-laws, that all changed.

She invited me along with her family to their annual trip to the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing “to witness firsthand the Indianapolis 500.  I admit that I was a little apprehensive…… do I really want to sit through a 500-mile race in 90-degree heat and watch cars drive in a circle?

The 1st turn of the 1st lap and everything changed for me.   I WAS HOOKED! 


The sounds that are generated by 33 Indy Cars entering the 1st turn at 220 mph is like nothing else.

  • The THRILL!

I am now a member of the annual tradition.

That tradition grew this past weekend as I got to take my 10-year-old daughter on our annual trip to Speedway Indiana.


Like me 15 years ago, her eyes and face changed on the 1st lap.   The smiles got bigger and eyes seemed more focused.  Keep in mind that this was one of the hottest 500’s in history and as we are sitting there cooking in the Indiana sunshine, she was bitten the by the Indy 500 bug.

Bucket List

If you have not been to the Indianapolis 500, put it on your list!  This is a bucket list item.  This is the largest single day sporting event in the world.   Memorial Day weekend is not complete for me until the race is complete!  Indianapolis Motor Speedway does an amazing job of impressing the history of Memorial Day and honoring the fallen soldiers.

I recommend this event to anyone.  Share it with family, share it with friends!  Enjoy the history and pageantry and the uniqueness of the largest single day sporting event in the world!