I Want Some Epoxy

When we think of decorative flooring, many people immediately think of wood flooring as the base.  This line of thinking is slowing shifting and updating to a more durable product, epoxy!

Epoxy is known for its harsh durability and absolutely unlimited options for for the end look. The unlimited beautiful and gleaming finishes will have your guess thinking you spent thousands of dollars on your flooring.


To say that your options are unlimited would be an understatement.  Decorative chips might be the most popular right now for flooring.  This process involves proper prep work on the floor applying a layer of epoxy for the chips to adhere to and then sealing it with a clear polyaspartic topcoat.  Now, the process is a bit more in-depth than this description, but you get the idea.  Color options with the chips are so off the charts……got a favorite sports team?  Chips can be applied in those colors!  If you desire to accent the colors of the room….No Problem!  These surfaces are common in dinning rooms, garages, and conference rooms.  Such durability is hard to find and is priceless to owner who will not have to worry about damage to the flooring.

Another way to approach your decorative flooring a metallic finish.   Many consumers see this application and think of marble, but it is accomplished with technique, epoxy, and a little accent paint.  Again, your base layer of epoxy will applied first.  You will then drizzle, drip, spatter, your accent paint and spread accordingly.  Again, it will be sealed with a top coat of clear polyaspartic.  Again, you have excellent durability and easy to clean and great longevity. 

Long Term

Wow, caring for your new decorative epoxy floor is simple.  Sweep it and mop it and that is all it will take.  It really is just that simple.  Stains….nope, not a problem.  Caution, this type of flooring, like many others, can be slippery when wet.

Everyday this flooring will look new and beautiful as if it was just installed.