Scorpion ION Instructions

Ceramic Coating for Wheels Surface Prep






1. Clean & Claybar surface.
2. Correct All Surface Scratches
3. Remove all Polishing Oils.
Application Instructions:
1. Apply 10 drops onto applicator.
2. Wipe applicator evenly onto PREPPED surface.
Wait times depend on temperature
10C, 50F, wait 1 minutes
20C, 70F, wait 30 seconds
25+C, 80+F, wait 10-20 seconds
3. Buff with a microfiber towel.
Discard applicators or towels if coating begins to harden on them.
ONLY Use on: painted, chrome and gel coat surfaces. Do Not Use in direct sunlight, in extreme heat or on glass surfaces.
See Ceramic Coatings for glass surfaces

May cause irritation to eyes and skin, use protective gloves & safety glasses. Please wash your hands with water after using. Do not swallow or ingest. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not mix with other chemicals. Keep out of children’s reach.