Hydrophobic coating is a treatment system meant to protect glass and paint from dirt, moisture, and UV rays. This treatment process can be used to keep your car’s windshield clean and protected. This goes a long way in protecting your glass surfaces from mineral deposits, which typically cause salt spray staining and erosion.

Hydrophobic coating is a reliable treatment process since the agents used can withstand extreme temperatures. In addition, visibility is improved since the treatment enhances the clarity of glass. Hydrophobic treatment offers superior protection to glass surfaces and long lasting results for up to 2-5 years. Therefore, the technology will not only enhance the beauty of your car’s glass surfaces but will also extend the optical efficiency of the glass surfaces.

Hydrophobic Glass Treatment Process

Hydrophobic treatment is offered to make glass surfaces water-repellent. The process is performed by dipping, spraying, or wiping surfaces using the coating agent. The process takes just a few minutes and doesn’t require specialized equipment or nasty solvents. The agent used is ultra-thin and has uniform thickness to guarantee optimal visibility.

When undertaking the process, ensure that the glass surface is properly cleaned since the coating bonds only with clean glass. Once the coating has been sprayed, wipe your windshield with a microfiber towel. The coating will dry clear and last for years.

How Does Hydrophobic Glass Treatment Work?

Typically, glass surfaces attract water due to polar hydrogen bonding with the water molecules. Agents used in hydrophobic glass treatment form a molecular layer on top of your glass surfaces. Water, dust, and dirt cannot bond with this molecular layer. The treatment uses the principle of surface tension.

The molecular layer creates strong surface tension forces on the exterior of your exterior of the glass. Water and grime droplets will bead up and eventually roll off as you drive the vehicle. This makes driving during torrential rain and in dusty conditions safer since you will be able to see the road ahead of you more clearly.

The sol gel materials that are used in hydrophobic coating form a mono-layer surface structure, which is slick thus allowing snow, sleep, and ice to be effortlessly removed. The super-hydrophobic effect created by the coat will last even with continuous exposure to water and chemical cleaning agents. What’s more, hydrophobic coatings can be applied on multiple locations on your car including glass surfaces, paint, and wheels.