How to Protect Offroad Coatings for Your Vehicle

Whether you drive offroad more often or occasionally, you want to do it right. Depending on the vehicle you use, driving off-road can be much more fun or devastating. Jeeps, wranglers, and trucks are designed for offroading—talk about the all-terrain tires, raised ride height, etc., that shows that your beast is ready to hit the road. However, your beast is likely to get damaged when exploring Mother Nature without the right protection.

Besides being offroad beasts, Jeeps, Land Rovers, and trucks are luxury vehicles. Most new buyers are concerned about how they can protect the paint. One of the best ways to protect your offroad paint is by applying Kevlar coatings or ceramic coatings. Of course, ceramic coatings will not protect your vehicle against damage from rock chips, sand, and debris. Still, they will help repel some of these substances, making it easier to clean your vehicle after an off road adventure.

The following tips will help protect your vehicle when offroading to ensure it remains in pristine condition.

Protecting Your Jeep or Truck with Scorpion Offroad

Are you looking for a perfect balance of beauty, flexibility, and rugged protection for your truck? Why not consider Scorpion X02 sprays? These sprays have gained increased popularity in the recent past as a reliable option to protect off-road vehicles.

Scorpion Bed Liner Coatings are durable and attractive. When applied to your vehicle, it delivers strong protection against dents and scratches when driving in extreme conditions. The best part is that this rugged coating can protect any surface of your vehicle, including:

  • Bumpers – the bumper guard helps hit the road without putting your bumper at risk. It reduces the risk of scratches, dents, and rust.
  • Beds – spray-on bed liners ensure your truck bed remains in pristine condition for many years.
  • Fender flares – your fender flares may get damaged when they get into contact with road debris and mud. Adding a stylish, rugged component will help improve safety.
  • Nerf bars – Scorpion Offroad Coatings helps improve the conditions of your truck steps to have a stable platform and protect the body from damage

Unlike most bed liner coatings, Scorpion Offroad protective coatings are lighter. As such, they won’t add a lot of weight to your vehicle. Of course, it will add a little weight to your vehicle (usually less than 90 pounds), but considering the protection it gives, it’s worth it.

Custom Shield Coating

The new Scorpion coatings for off road is a great way to remove pinstriping and maintain the look of your vehicle. It is a spray-on, peel-off coating that helps protect your vehicle’s paint and body. You can get it in three color options: white, black, and clear, which allows you to customize your vehicle temporarily and peel it off afterward.

This custom shield helps protect rocker panels against rock chips and keeps backcountry pinstriping off the paint. It also helps protect the hood, rocker, and hood panels from scratches and nicks from flying road debris.

Protective Offroad Coating for Your Jeep, SUV, or Truck

Buying a truck or a jeep does not necessarily mean that you have to go offroad. However, the truth is, you will be tempted to drive off road from time to time if you own an offroad vehicle. The only sure way to prevent offroad damages is by avoiding offroading. Since this is not practically possible, you need to take measures to protect offroad coatings for your vehicle.

As earlier stated, using a fluid film to protect your vehicle’s exterior can do the trick. Undercarriage protection will protect your vehicle from stones and sticks when driving offroad. It is also important to protect your coatings from other harsh conditions such as salt and moisture that can wear out your paint.

Use Skid Plates to Increase the Level of Protection

As you’ve seen earlier, you have more to worry about when offroading than the damage from stones and sticks. That is why you need to consider under-armor options for your offroad beast. While ceramic coatings will protect against surface scratches, fitting your vehicle with a skid plate and rock sliders is a better way to protect your undercarriage.

Ideally, skid plates refer to metal shields beneath the vehicle that protects critical undercarriage components of your vehicle against damage from rocks and sticks. On the other hand, slides are mounted on the rocker panels to prevent damage to the frame or paint when bottoming out the vehicle.

The best part is that these enhancements will prevent your rocker panels, oil pans, driveshafts, and other critical underneath components from being destroyed by obstacles you drive through. It gives you confidence knowing that you can drive through various obstacles without damaging your vehicle.

You can get readily available protection options that you can easily install. However, it is best to consider why you need the protection, budget, and personal preference when selecting the right skid plate, brush guard, and rock slider for your 4×4.

Protect Your 4X4 Using Bumpers, Snorkels, and Other Accessories

There are many options for off-road vehicle protection, including installing truck bumper guards, giving your vehicle a body lift, mud-slinging all-terrain tires, and packing skinny rubber underneath for better traction in snow and sand. Ideally, not a single off-road protection can work for every situation. Every aftermarket upgrade will help only in certain situations.

That said, you need to consider your vehicle’s components and where you will be driving before choosing one offroad upgrade over the other.

Clean Your Car Properly to Avoid Damaging the Coating after Off-Roading

Cleaning your 4×4 after offroading is not an easy thing. However, it is a necessary task that you must undertake. More specifically, cleaning your jeep or truck after offroading is beneficial in these ways:

  • Enhance visibility – safety is a primary concern when offroading. After all, when mud, dirt, and other debris collect on your headlights or windows, it will significantly reduce visibility, increasing the potential for accidents—washing your windows and headlights after offroading is good for your safety.
  • Prevent rust – cleaning your vehicle after offroading will help prevent rust from corrosion-causing substances that can collect on your vehicle when going off-road.
  • Reduce the Chances of Overheating – if mud or dirt is caked into the radiator, the air becomes restricted, leading to overheating. Washing your 4×4 after offroading will help reduce overheating.

That said, consider giving your mud-covered 4×4 a thorough wash before going on another off-road trip. You can remove stubborn debris on your vehicle using a pressure washer. Afterward, perform the two-bucket wash session to prevent the spread of dirt and mud. You can then use a microfiber towel to wipe your vehicle.

For a glossy shine look, throw a layer of the ceramic coating after wiping the vehicle. Besides giving your 4×4 a shiny look, the ceramic coating will help repel dust, mud, and debris when on your driving escapades.

We Can Help Protect Your Offroad Coatings

I hope the above tips will help protect your offroad coatings to keep your vehicle looking new and attractive. At Scorpion, we are committed to ensuring you have the best off roading experience. Whether you own a Jeep, SUV, or truck, get in touch today for your customized off-road protective coatings package.