Working on a huge outdoor project will no doubt seem crazy to some of the people you know. It’s hot, it’s dirty and summer is definitely supposed to be about relaxing — not pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion on the few days you do have free time. However, for those who love to flex their DIY skills, there’s a lot to be said for creating a better outdoors and an overall better home. Scorpion Coatings wants you to get the most out of what you do. Contractors, homeowners and landlords alike trust us to make it happen, and we’ll show you how heat reflective deck coatings can make your deck stronger and last longer.

Turn Down the Heat

For those who have a deck around their home, it can be a bit of a struggle to try to enjoy yourself when you’re constantly trying to protect your feet. You may try to splash water around if you have a pool to save your poor toes, but there are better ways to go about this. With the right kind of overlay, it causes your deck to reflect the heat rather than absorb it. If you’re looking for a deck coating, try a heat reflective one to better save yourself from an annoying issue that can easily be handled.deckcoatings1

Protect Your Property

Heat reflective deck coatings provide a myriad of benefits for the major investment and responsibility that a piece of land really entails. Those who are new to owning often don’t anticipate just how much upkeep is involved in even small areas. For a deck, sun damage is all too real and the glare from those rays can start to chip away at the quality of paint, stains and even the materials underneath it. Wood especially can warp and potentially buckle under your feet, and believe it or not, even concrete can develop cracks in it after prolonged exposure.

Improving Your Home

Summer is often the only time you really get to make those home improvement tasks you’ve been putting off actually happen. Not only do you probably have a stray vacation day to devote, but the weather is finally on your side. In addition to saving money, you also have a chance to take pride in a job well done and know you did something amazing. A heat reflective coating is a way to keep cross this item off your to-do list for quite some time, while upping the resale or rental value at the same time.


Finding the Right Fit

Coatings come in various forms that require various amounts of effort to use, so it’s actually pretty important to get the right one. If a deck coating isn’t simple to apply, you’re likely to waste your investment out of frustration. If it’s cheap, it will start to wear away after just a few summers. Scorpion has custom deck coatings that are not only simple to apply, but are also economical for the homeowner. The application requires low cost equipment to make it happen, and it comes with a 10 year warranty. You can get non-skid applications around the pool where kids are likely to be running around on your deck (even after you tell them not to), or unsuspecting guests may be walking in the wrong shoes.

You’ve Got the Look

The most practical deck coating will be difficult to appreciate if it doesn’t look great or is just plain boring. If the deck coating color seems out of place, it can cause future buyers or visitors to wonder what went wrong. We accommodate the amateur (or even professional) home decorator by giving you the options of multiple colors and products to find the right coating that matches your home, decor and style. Scorpion Coatings has everything you need to make it great, so give us a call today!