How To Gain Business By Being Found

Gaining local business to your door is important for every company. How to do that can be expensive and time consuming but not many realize how many free tools are available to help. One being Google Places.

Google Places is a feature from Google that you probably have seen and clicked on for other companies before and not realized what it was. 97% of conusmers look for local business online according to Google. Instead of looking to the yellow pages – consumers these days Google it. Have you ever Googled a service – let’s say ice cream in “your town” and seen places pop up with a map, business hours, contact information, etc. That is google places. By default, most businesses that have a web site will show up organically if they match the search terms. But it can be hard to do if you know anything about SEO. Utilize this FREE service to help drive traffic to your business.

Don’t miss being seen by customers in your area no matter what product or service you offer. It’s FREE. All you need is a gmail account which again, is FREE. Open a web browser and Google Google Places.