Give your Garage Floor an Update

Freshen Up Your Garage Floor

Concrete flooring is a durable, budget-friendly option for your garage floor. If you use your garage on a regular basis, the floor probably gets lots of abuse. Over time the concrete can become greasy, stained and just plain disgusting. Many homeowners try to fix this issue by cleaning the floor and then slapping on a coat of oil-based paint. The problem with this solution is that moisture vapor released from the ground will pass through the concrete floor causing the paint to peel off. The heat from a car’s tires but also sometimes cause the paint to peel off of the garage floor. This results in wasted money and effort as your garage floor will look no better than it did before.


So, what can you do to enhance the look of your garage? If you’re frustrated with your dirty, stained garage floor, we have good news. A garage floor coating can make your garage floor look new again and stay that way for a long time.


A garage floor coating is a great way to enhance your plain concrete garage floor. In addition to upgrading the look of your garage, these heavy-duty protective coatings increase resistance to stains and hide minor imperfections. They stand up well to being driven or walked on. Here are some other benefits of garage floor coating:


  • Improves resistance to wear and tear

  • Enhances the color of your garage floor

  • Hides imperfections in the concrete

  • Resistant to chemicals, grease and oil

  • Easy to clean

  • Withstands heat and cold


In the past, garages were basically just storage areas for parked cars. Today’s garages are more than just a place to store your car. Your garage doesn’t have to be a dusty junk repository. You can get so much use from your garage by making it more functional. With the right care, a garage can be used in a variety of ways — as a showroom to display your classic cars or as a shop where you can work on adding custom touches to your motorcycle.


A garage floor coating can help you transform your garage into a place where you want to spend time working. With so many colors and design options to choose from, it is easy to elevate your garage. You can add decorative paint chips or quartz to the coating for a striking effect.


Your design options range from a simple gray concrete coding to a complex multi-colored base with different paint chips in it, such as quartz. This gives you a design similar to terrazzo or granite. You can also add your favorite company, team or your logo to your garage floor protective coating.


Garage Floor Coating Installation

Preparation is very important when it comes to installing a garage floor coating. One of the most common reasons that these garage floor coatings fail is because the floor is not prepared correctly. To promote adhesion, the garage floor has to be very clean and dry before the garage floor coating can be applied. Years of grease and grime have to be removed from the floor using solvents. Doors, thresholds and walls will need to be protected with masking tape before the garage floor coating is applied. Because prep is so important, it is best to have a professional install your coating for your garage floor. This will help ensure that you have a cleaner and better-looking garage for years to come.


Take pride in your garage. A garage floor coating will give your garage a polished finish. These garage floor coatings are durable and will stand up against foot and vehicle traffic for a beautiful look that lasts.

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