We understand how difficult it can be to come up with fun and educational activities for your kiddos!  Here are a couple of ideas for an entertaining day of art therapy while we are all at home enjoying our families.


Creating “stained glass” windows at home is a fun and easy project with dazzling results! I know it might sound scary to let your kids start painting permanent fixtures in your home, but this will wash off with soap and water whenever you are ready for your child’s masterpiece to be removed.

Supplies needed:


Paint brush or sponge

Dish Soap

Painters Tape (not necessary, but can be fun)

Bowl(s) for paint


Depending on what you have at home, there are many options in this project starting with the paint. If you have tempera paint at home, that would be my personal suggestion. Tempera paint has a matte finish and the result is fairly translucent, similar to stained glass. It is also very easily removed. Acrylic paint is probably the most commonly used paint for projects at home which also works very well. It is just a little more difficult to remove and not quite as translucent; however, if you are wanting a bolder look for the paint, this is definitely the option for you. I used leftover paint from a sun-catcher project that we had recently completed. Currently, I will not vouch for the removal of this type of paint since I have not yet attempted to remove it.

Now that you have your supplies, the next thing you want to do is prep your widow. Beautifully clean windows will show off your child’s artwork as well as assure that nothing gets stuck in the paint. I had my daughter clean the windows all by herself with Scorpion Foaming Glass Cleaner.

Once clean, take out your painters tape and help your child sketch out their design on the inside of the window. Tear off pieces of the tape for them to apply in the shapes or layout they want to create. For us, we have a door that already has the design created and was just missing the color!

If you are using tempera or acrylic paint, you will want to add dish soap before painting. This will help make it easier to wash off later. Add 1 tsp of dish soap for every ¼ cup of paint and mix thoroughly.

The rest is easy! Get out the brushes or a sponge and let your child’s inner artist go free… allowing them to paint and create their work of art!

Stand back and admire… and then snap a pic and share it with us here at Scorpion!