Keep the Right Frame of Mind During COVID-19

Who else likes a Sunday Drive? 

Open road, YES… we love our vehicles.  We have talked about that many times before.  If we didn’t love our rides, then the automotive industry would not be a multi-billion dollar market.  


I always come back to what a vehicle means.  In my opinion, it can be summed up in one word….and that word is FREEDOM!  


In today’s world of Coronavirus, COVID-19, social distancing, and quarantines……I have embraced the freedom and mental well being that NOW comes with a “Sunday drive”.  But, I have been doing these drives everyday of the week, not just on Sunday.   I have always loved the drive.  My family, understands and not always about the drive.  I find them to be much more receptive to the suggestion of taking a cruise together nowadays.    


Funny thing about it now, my kids ask me to take a drive.  They want to jump in the car and get the freedom provided by the open road.  When they ask, it is like music to my ears. It takes my back to my younger years when I gained the freedom that comes with the driver’s license.  It really makes me appreciate the moments that I get to share with my kids and wife. Moments that I may not have fully appreciated just one short month ago.  


Taking these drives by myself or with my family really does the mind good.   Here in Indiana as of writing this blog post, we are under a non-essential employee stay home order.  Scorpion is an automotive supply manufacturer and distributor, therefore, we are viewed as essential in the language that our governor used.   This is a loose interpretation of his definition, but we are open nonetheless. First and foremost, we are open because we have thousands of small businesses that depend on us for products.   FedEx and UPS are still running their daily routes so we are still supporting our partners. THAT is the reason why we are essential. Our small business partners across the United States are struggling to maintain the ability to pay their employees and theirselves.  We are practicing social distancing and very much aware of each other during this time. We clean and sanitize multiple times a day and will continue until told not to. 


Back to the Cruise

I have written several blog posts about our passion for cars and trucks.  I have told you about my own passion for Jeeps. We have a love affair with our vehicles.  In some parts, cars might be more popular than football ( I am not suggesting that is the case with Scorpion).  I believe now is the time to re-kindle that love with the open road and change your scenery.  It is very hard to beat the sunshine on face and wind in your hair on sunny Spring day.      


Now is the time to enjoy the ride

I and my family have embraced the cruise or whatever term you use.  We are taking this time to find joy in ways we didn’t a month ago. It doesn’t always have to be the big things, sometimes it is the little things that start to mean the most.