The warmer weather brings the afternoons you’ve spent months dreaming about. Lazy afternoons with a drink in your hands and the game playing in the background or your favorite book in your face. Maybe you want to have friends over to play in the water, and taste your new burger or mojito recipe. There’s a lot of reasons for wanting your own pool, but you likely already know that it certainly takes quite a bit of effort to maintain. For the many things you can do for your pool, buying a new liner may be just what you need to spruce up your property. The winter months can certainly take their toll, but you can fix the eyesores by freshening up your colors.


You’ve Got the Look

The way you present your home is important for everyone, including you. This isn’t about being vain over your pool and insisting on perfection, this is about taking pride in what you own. When you take care of the things around you, you instantly feel more attached to them. What’s better than feeling connected to the home or property that has likely taken you years to earn? Liners for swimming pools can fix the many imperfections that can happen with a pool over time. Sometimes even the most careful maintenance cannot prevent normal wear and tear. Whether you use the pool for yourself or you own a complex or rental property that has one, ensuring that it all stays functional and beautiful is a necessity not a luxury.

Setting the Mood

What’s your favorite color this season? Do you have a theme that you want to reflect for your yard? Have your children become obsessed with acting like fish for this summer? A pool liner is most definitely a practical purchase in that it hides imperfections that don’t cause structural damage, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a dull decision. If the back of your home is starting to look a little boring or worn, start browsing the pool liners for a little mini-makeover and see how it can help you inspire the next party you throw. It may be just the push you need to throw a 4th of July luau, complete with tiki torches and a beverage station with tropical garnishes for cocktails. As you might imagine, choices range from the bold to the more subtle, and you can select several liners for swimming pools so you can change your mind whenever you want.


Decisions, Decisions

There are several things to consider when choosing a pool liner. Pay attention to how thick the liner is because you need one that’s durable enough to last. Typically, the rule for vinyl pool liners is 20 mil, but you can certainly go thicker than that for extra defense against even the most rambunctious pool parties with excited kids running around everywhere. Thicker vinyl also means that the vinyl liners will keep their colors and years against the scorching summer sun.


Scorpion Pool Liners

We work with customers of all kinds, but we never get tired of giving people more out of what they own. Whether that’s facilitating a trucker who needs to haul 16 tons or just making a themed summer birthday more special with a fun pool liner, you can trust us to give you the advice you need to make a decision that enhances the time you spend with your stuff. Call us if you need advice for your pool or have questions about our pool lining.  Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, above or below-ground, we’re here to help you make the right choice. Call us today if you want to explore options, pricing or just have questions about how pool liners can work for you.