What fits into your business in 2020?

What fits into your business in 2020?


Where is your business heading in the new year?  Embracing the old adage, “if you are not growing, your dying”  Scorpion has multiple options for you to add new direction or products to your business. 


As a family owned company since its inception in 1996, Scorpion offers premium products that will help to establish and new or compliment an existing business.  


Our roots are in the bed liner and coatings industry, yet we have grown to offer window films, epoxy and other automotive accessories.  Scorpion began as a truck bed liner using a new formulation that did not require the high dollar application equipment that cost up to $40,000.  

With this new truck bed liner, we quickly saw that the opportunity was there to begin working with a dealer base as we had democratized the ability of a mom and pop shop to now be able to offer bed liners as a solid revenue stream.  Before Scorpion’s XO2, getting started with bed liner or protective coatings required and upfront investment of a plural component pump system and sprayer. What XO2 did was allow for immediate ROI. Scorpion took the best qualities of urethane and created a way to spray coatings with simple and inexpensive gravity fed hopper style guns.  


Again, if you are not growing………  We do now offer High Pressure machines, cartridge applications, and DIY shake and shoot.  The coatings and bed liner is in our DNA, but the need to grow and adapt to a changing market led us to look at other opportunities other than XO2.  But, XO2 is our staple product and probably always will be. Ultimately, there are some circumstances, where XO2 just won’t cut. ( it is almost 100% never a strength or durability issue, it will be a dry time issue).


XO2 is an extremely durable and versatile product.  There is no one else in the market that can compete with our color stability.  But, it is a slow dry product. 45 minutes until it is tack free and we recommend limited duty for 48-72 hours.   This is an area of concern for some people.  Dry time can effect a productivity schedule if you have multiple trucks lined up to spray in day.  Let’s say that it is raining or snowing outside and you only have one bay where you prep and spray trucks.  If this is the case, the freshly sprayed bed liner must be tack free before going out into the weather.  Another area that the dry time of Scorpion XO2 can be a problem is in a manufacturing setting.  As product works it way down the assembly line, parts or components can’t be spray and immediately put on the assembly line.   There is a very simple solution to this problem, and it is pre-spray of the required parts.  An inventory of parts that have been prepped and sprayed to put directly into the assemble process will keep the line moving smooth and without delay. 

Another Solution to dry time

We understand that the dry time can cause issues from time to time.  We do offer a simple, inexpensive additive to the XO2 formulation that reduce the dry time.  It is call Scorpion Accelerator.   This liquid additive is simple and can cut the dry time by nearly 50%.  This is an especially good advantage during the cold winter months.   Heat pushes the cure process and cold temperatures will slow it down.  If you use a spray booth, baking the fresh sprayed bed liner for 3o minute increments will really help. 


As always, the Scorpion experts can offer insight into helping you get the most from the Scorpion XO2.  We will also walk you through the steps to ensure the spray process is seamless and product as it can be.          


What came next? 

Scorpion Window Film


In 2011 with the economy in a downward spiral, Scorpion doubled down on its name and position in the automotive industry and started Scorpion Window Film.  The goal was to compliment an existing brand and offer our partners the ability to work with one supplier on multiple products.

With the addition of Scorpion Window Film, we quickly began a period of rapid growth and expansion to keep up with the demand.  With quality at the top of mind, the desire to offer top products at affordable prices to help our partners better achieve the goals for their business.

There is something to be said for a stop shopping partner.  Going back to the democratization of bed liner, adding to their lineup ads opportunity to increase the revenue streams.   


Scorpion Window Film offers a full line of automotive, commercial, safety/security film.


The addition of the full line of film opened up a new stream with our existing customers, but is also opened up the possibility of new customers who were in the housing and construction market with the commercial and residential film lines.  With new partners comes great opportunity. Window Film took Scorpion to a new level in growth and positioned us to look at other automotive accessories that fit with the protective coatings niche.   


Newest Member of the Family


Scorpion PowerCOAT Epoxy

A long time partner of ours encouraged us to look at the possibility as he had success. 

The epoxy market is huge and offers enormous opportunity for Scorpion to continue to grow.  Again, some with an existing customer base and others with new partners!  

The PowerCoat line of epoxy offers extreme durability and unlimited ways you can customize for a personal look.  

  • -quartz
  • -metallics
  • -power chips


Working with these simple aggregates allows you to offer endless finish possibilities.   


  • Garage floors
  • Pool decks
  • Patios
  • Warehouse 
  • Commercial
  • Government


As you can see, the epoxy market offers many opportunities and the versatility of the product allows the installer to present to attach many markets.    


While epoxy is not a huge piece of the Scorpion business at this time, we are only two months into this venture!  Clearly, the writing is on the wall that we have found a new product to take us to even higher levels.   


Scorpion has been in business for 25 years.  We offer numerous products for many industries.  We will always offer the best products at reasonable prices.  Keeping our customers at the forefront is the reason why we have been here for 25 years and will keep us here for the next 25 years.