The members of Team Scorpion are fans of football……..That is an understatement!  

We are fanatics. 


Every meeting we have, every group gather, chances are that the conversations always start with some sort of football talk.  


Our office is made up of ex-football players and coaches.  Several at the collegiate level and one member of our team coached at a Big 10 School.  It just seems to be in our blood!   


  • Fantasy Football
  • Pro Football
  • College Football
  • Youth Football


We run the gamut on football and it is a huge part of our culture.  


If football doesn’t happen, what the hell will we do? 


Personally, I am a fan of college football.  In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than a Fall Saturday afternoon of football.  I have lost considerable interest in professional football.  As a veteran, I stand for the National Anthem, PERIOD.   There are other ways to convey a message of social change and injustice.  BUT, that is what makes the United States what it is today, the ability to speak out in our own way.  I get to exercise my rights in my way by not watching.  Freedom!  It is why I served.  


For me the pageantry and tradition of College football is absolutely priceless.


With things as they look now, there will be some college football and pro football is moving forward as well.  Here in Indiana, youth and high school sports are moving forward also.  Now, after the last five months, I am somewhat pessimistic whether football will happen.  It is hard not to be a bit doubtful as many of our treasured events continue to drop like flies.  


I have joked with some of my closest football buddies that if there is no college football this Fall, then I will become a raging alcoholic.  Or maybe form a support group like Al Bundy did!  Maybe it will be a Saturday Checkers Club or just a group that plays a never-ending game of monopoly.  


I am hopeful that it happens as close to normal as it can.  Of course praying for the safety of those involved.  Also praying for survival of the small business that will be devastated in small college football towns if they lose eighty five thousands fans during the season.  How can they survive another blow like that? 


In the end, it is out of my control.  I want and hope for football.  If not, the crew at Scorpion might need support.  We might be cranky if you call in.  Or maybe we will discover other things in life that are more important.