Extreme Offroad Coatings

Name: William Wheaton

Business Name: Extreme Offroad Coatings
Years in business:  35+ year painting, 9 years exterior coatings
Social Links:
(615) 293-2982
1.  You seem to do a lot more exterior coating jobs versus bed liners, would you say that is accurate?
Yes. I am finding it to be profitable for me in my location and I am excited to be creating the designs that I am able to do with exterior coatings. I feel challenged, excited, and highly rewarded with each job that I complete.
2.  If accurate, why so many full coats?
My goal was to take advantage of the versatility of the Scorpion XO2 and to push colors and designs farther than anyone ever has.
3.  What do you enjoy to spray the most?

I have found that the more challenging jobs are the ones I enjoy most. It could be any spray on vehicle or utility coating job that I have completed.

4 How do you feel about a vehicle you sprayed being designated to be a booth vehicle for SEMA?

I feel honored and privileged to have a vehicle that I designed be designated to be a booth vehicle for SEMA.

5. What advice would you give to other Scorpion dealers that are wanting to do more full exterior coating jobs?
I would advise lots of practice and preparation before beginning for any Scorpion dealers that would like to do more exterior coatings.
6.  Who is taller between you and Beau from Scorpion HQ?
I was humbled to meet Beau from Scorpion HQ and interesting enough, side by side I was taller and (wiser, lol) in my older years.