Scorpion EG570 Electric Spray Gun

Scorpion is proud to announce the first of its kind: an electric spray gun for bed liners and protective coatings! That’s right – you can now spray Scorpion Truck Bed Liners with an electric gun to get the perfect coat.

A Revolution in Our Market

Our electric coating spray gun is revolutionary, allowing for the quick, easy, professional application of Scorpion Truck Bed Liners. The Scorpion Electric Bed Liner Spray Gun is the next step in the evolution of the spray-in truck bed liner market. Working in conjunction with Wagner SprayTech, Scorpion has created a unique system that has little-to-no overspray and eliminates the need for an air compressor. This new bed liner spray gun is sold along with Scorpion’s XO2 Formulation.
We’re confident our electric spray guns will become the new standard in spray in truck bed liner application!



Designed to allow the user to mix prepackaged material and screw the cup to the truck bed liner spray gun, this new innovation from Scorpion eliminates waste of both time and materials.

– Lower Capital Investment
– Reduced Overspray – Waste Reduction
– Eliminates Air-Compressor Requirements
– Electric Spray Guns are Easy to Clean and Reuse
– Bed Liner Gun can be Used with Multiple Coatings/Paints/Stains
– High and Low Pressure Settings

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