You’ll Be Surprised At All The Uses For Epoxy

Hangar Floor

Epoxy is a versatile chemical that has a variety of uses. It is used in industry and household applications. Because of its waterproof properties, this chemical is used by surfboard and boat makers to form a strong, waterproof surface.

Epoxies are also used in industrial settings. It is ideal for factory and warehouse concrete floors because it is tough enough to stand up to heavy foot and machinery traffic. Normal concrete floors don’t stand up too well to the demands of an industrial setting, but epoxy is durable and strong.

These coatings are not just for industrial and marine applications. You can take advantage of uses for epoxy around the home too. Here are a just few ways that these home epoxy coatings can help enhance your abode:

Garage Floors

Has your garage turned into a dirty, dark place where you store unwanted items? Why not restore the space to its full potential? You can create a durable, nice-looking garage floor with a garage floor coating. Epoxy coatings are ideal for garage floors because they won’t chip or flake. These protective coatings also come in a variety of finishes and colors, which is perfect if you want to feel like you’re pulling into a showroom every time you enter your garage.

Pool Decks

Do you want to give your pool deck a new look and improve its safety? If so, then an epoxy coating is perfect. These protective coatings are ideal for pool decks as they add a measure of safety to the surface by making it resistant to slips and falls.

Epoxy coatings are much more durable than regular concrete paint. When you choose an epoxy coating for your deck, you can bet that it will last a long time. It is resistant to fading, scuffing and blistering, as well.

An epoxy coating can also give your pool deck a brand-new look. You can beautify your deck by giving it a textured or smooth finish.


If you have a concrete walkway, you can benefit from an epoxy coating. Concrete walkways often get cracked and chipped. This can make them unsafe and unattractive. Epoxy can protect and beautify your walkway. These protective coatings are durable and UV resistant, which makes them perfect for walkways.


Has your driveway seen better days? Is it cracked or stained with oil or gasoline? If so, then your curb appeal is suffering. You may even be getting letters from your homeowner’s association demanding that you fix the problem. A home epoxy coating is an affordable alternative to completely redoing your driveway. It is resistant to hot tire pick up and blistering.


A patio is a great place for summer entertaining. If your concrete patio has become discolored or faded, you might not be using it as much as you want to. An epoxy coating will make your patio look brand new. It will also strengthen the surface. This means that you can enjoy an attractive patio for years to come.