Epoxy Flooring Do-It-For-Me vs. DIY

Epoxy Coating Your Garage Floor – Do-it-for-me vs. DIY

Thinking about putting an epoxy coating on your garage floor?  Is it stained, Is it pitted, does it have cracks, why am I doing this, how long do I want it to last – these are just a few of the questions that should be asked before determining should you do it yourself or have someone else do it for you.

In most cases, either direction will provide a better looking floor then what currently exists.  Normally it comes down to cost and what you are willing to spend on your garage.


There are many kits available for this option.  Some are all inclusive with brushes, rollers and other items needed to complete the job.  For comparison purposes, we will focus solely on the product needed and not include all ancillary items needed to complete the job.  The main difference will be in the preparation of the concrete.  In most DIY kits, muriatic acid will be included to clean and etch the concrete.  While this process may be deemed “easier” it is not as effective for adhesion as the process most professional installers use, but it will work in a DIY setting.  For a standard 2 car garage to do yourself, the cost can range from $.65 to $1.50 per square foot (400 square feet – $250-$600) for all items needed to complete the job.  The process will take 2-3 days due to dry times, depending on products chosen.  Again, this will typically result in a better looking floor then what existed but will not have the longevity or beauty of a professional installation.


In a professional installation, there will be numerous options on colors, decorative options and topcoat finishes.  They will grind the floor, instead of acid, and repair cracks and blemishes prior to coating.  If choosing a flake option, most will do a 100% broadcast, instead of the sprinkle method that is typically done in a DIY kit, giving you a much more consistent and pleasing result.  For a standard 2 car garage professionally installed the pricing typically ranges from $4.00 – $8.00 per square foot (400 square feet – $1600-$3200).  The range is largely dependent on the condition of the concrete and how much prep work will need to be done prior to coating.  The installed process typically will take 1-2 days to complete.


The experts here at Scorpion would be happy to discuss your project and help determine if this is a project to tackle on your own or would be better served by a professional.

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