Epoxy Coatings Durable and a Great Look

Tired of the worn out, dingy looking flooring in your garage?  It is a natural process to see the daily strain put on this flooring system.  Dirt, grease, oil, and many other contaminants find their way to the floor in your garage.

Over time the concrete base takes on that dingy look that is hard to bring it back from.   You do have very simple options, many very cheap.  You can pick up kits from your local hardware store.  BUT, are these kits going to serve you for more than a year?   Or, the more likely scenario is that a year later, it is going to look worse than when started.  The old adage that “you get what you pay for” holds true when it it come to dime store epoxy.  They are available to anyone at any time and there is truth that they simply do not last as long.  Sure, there are times that a simple inexpensive short term epoxy may be best for you…..( maybe you are selling your home and looking for a quick facelift). These are the times that may be the best route to go.

If quality and a long lasting top performing epoxy installation is what you are wishing for then, Scorpion PowerCOAT Epoxy has a solution for you.


Almost all of the hardware store epoxy kits are water based or solvent based epoxy.  These kits are not 100% solids and their base carrier does not have the ability to stand up long term to daily abuse.

Scorpion PowerCOAT Epoxy is urethane based and much strong.  With 100% solids and a urethane carrier, it has the ability to take abuse over a period of time.  A thicker more durable coating will not look like the floor has been covered with latex paint and begin peeling and chipping off.  This coating not only takes more abuse, but will handle with greater ease chemical resistance and staining.

How ugly and depressing is it to see the fruit of your labor looking amazing and shortly thereafter that it begins to peel and chip like paint.  Maybe you see particles stuck to the tires on your truck.  This is a real punch to the gut when you see your work go down the drain!  This means a couple things,

  • your hard work was for not
  • it is now an ugly sight
  • how will it be fixed



You have to have it fixed.  What is the direction you will go?  Are you going to take the same steps again with a less than stellar product as you did first time?  Or maybe you decide to hire a contractor.  Any way you go, you have the options to consider what type of product will be applied.

The Right Product!

Scorpion PowerCOAT Epoxy is a versatile and extremely durable product for you to consider.   We offer professional installation, yet we also have the same quality product available in DIY kits.  The PowerCOAT kits are affordable and are contractor quality.  Scorpion is a long time partner of PowerCOAT Canada and please to offer their top quality epoxy in the states.