Trucks are known for being tough, versatile, and the workhorse for many people’s lives and businesses.  You most likely purchased a truck for the ability to haul large and heavy items from one place to another. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to protect the bed of your truck from the potential damage any hauled items may cause.  This protection can be easily achieved with our DIY truck bed liner options.  Drivers who decide to take the unlined approach will soon realize how much wear and tear the bed of their truck sustains.

Are Drop-In Liners an Acceptable Solution?

Drop-in truck bed liners can be an acceptable way to help reduce a large amount of wear and tear for drivers that haul items on an occasional basis. Unfortunately, these types of liners do not provide ample enough protection against rainfall and other liquids. Therefore, the bed beneath is at risk for liquid buildup that could lead to rust formation.  Regularly removing the bed liner and cleaning off the bed may be necessary in effort to prevent these problems.

Advantages of Spray-In Liners

Spray-in (or paint on) liners are the ultimate solution for bed liner protection. Scorpion Coatings has been developing some of the easiest to use, high abuse protective spray in bed liners and coatings since 1996.  This solution removes any worry about water buildup and rust formation. There has been so much talk about our protective coatings and spray in bed liners that we now offer a DIY truck bed liner product for you to use at home!

A DIY spray-in truck bed liner will help you avoid any the many potential pitfalls of poorly fitted liners.  You will encounter the same impressive performance with none of the waiting for appointments with professionals.  Don’t think you’re limited to just your truck bed–our DIY coatings are good for nearly any object that needs a little extra protection, from wheelbarrows to lamp posts!

The Best Spray-In Solution

Our DIY truck bed liner spray-in product,Al’s Liner, bonds with a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, and fiberglass, making possibilities endless.  With a tensile strength of 2,300 psi and a Hardness Rating of 88, you can be sure that this durable, easy-to-use coating will offer superior protection on whatever you apply it to.

The kit is a three part, blended polyurethane formula that comes with everything you need inside to get the best results!  Spray in bed liners are also specially formulated to require less personal protection than other DIY systems–all you need is a well ventilated area and a dual cartridge painter’s respirator (found at almost any hardware/home improvement store), and you’re good to go.

So take good care of your truck and contact us to get your professional quality DIY truck bed liner that will last you for years to come!