A new truck is a costly proposition – so restoring your current vehicle may be the best route to extend its life and avoid taking on another payment. Taking steps to update and preserve the life of your vehicle ensures you get years of enjoyment. With a few simple truck restoration steps, your ride will look as good as new – if not better.

Give it a deep clean


When a vehicle rolls onto the lot for sale, the first thing that happens is a full cleaning and detailing. Simply removing dirt, oil and grime that builds up over time will enhance the look of your vehicle and allow you to see any other flaws that need to be addressed. Focus on the steering wheel, dash and driver’s seat area first. After cleaning all surfaces and crevices, determine if you need to invest in a steering wheel or dash cover. Inexpensive upgrades like these can have a significant impact on your vehicle.


Most seat suffer from buildup of dirt and grime. A thorough cleaning is always the best way to start, but seat covers could hide any damage that may be impacting the look of your cab. A set of seats from a junkyard are inexpensive and can be easily added to your vehicle if your own seats are beyond repair.

Update your Onboard Technology

If your truck is more than a few years old, the sound system could be out of date. Getting rid of the dated system is one option, as is installing a Bluetooth setup that integrates with your smartphone. A new navigation system or other tech toys can also be added in at this time to give the entire vehicle and update.

Touch up Paint

Touch up any dings or scratches with matching paint. A little goes a long way when it comes to touchup paint. This is also the time to clean all glass and trim. Touch up the cab and sides to hide any scratches.

Install a New Truck Bed

Your truck bed takes more abuse than any other part of the vehicle. Installing a new protective coating gives this exposed area major facelift. The right protective finish


will do more than beautify your truck, it will provide lasting protection for years to come.

Our spray on bed liners are composed of the highest quality polyurethanes that will keep your bed looking new for year. Get more information on our Scorpion protective coatings here: Truck Bed Liners.


Aging, near bald tires can significantly harm the look of your truck. They’re also not very safe. Updating your tires makes your truck look less worn and gives it a fresh, new look.

Whether you tackle a truck makeover in a weekend or take some time to complete each component, your entire investment will be far less that buying a replacement. Have any recent updates you’ve done with our truck restoration products recently? We’d love to see them! Tweet us or Tag us on Facebook for a chance to be featured on our page.