DIY Window Film How-To: Sun Strip Install

Many of us do-it-yourself types try at least once to tint our own windows.  Why not?  You go in saving money and it is pretty simple to do.  Well side windows are super simple and using the rear window kit makes tinting the back of a car a lot simpler by doing it in strips instead of shrinking film (which can be tricky).  The other great thing about these strips is that they are just the right size for doing sun strips on the front windshield.  Installing a sun strip on your car is easy.  To help you on your DIY sun strip project, here are a few steps to get you there.


  1. Anchor film liner side out to top of windshield using installation solution
  2. Measure each side from top of windshield to bottom of window film strip
  3. Once you have the strip even, trim window film allowing approximately 1/8th overlap along the black border (Shining a light through the windshield helps make border visible)
  4. Trim around mirror tab if needed
  5. Prepare inside of windshield by cleaning and lightly wetting area with installation solution
  6. Remove film liner and wet adhesive side of film with installation solution
  7. Carefully position the window film in place and squeegee working from the center out

There you have it – DIY residential window tint.  A few simple steps to get a great looking windshield sun visor tint on your vehicle.  Keep checking out more posts from Scorpion and Al’s Liner.  Visit Al’s Liner on the web to learn more about DIY Window Film KitsDIY Truck Bed Liner Kits and and more.