How are you spending your COVID-19 Quarantine?


As we progress through 2020 and our world seems to change by the hour, people are spending their time doing new things.  Things that probably had not been considered just a couple of months ago now are being considered or even carried out. While our business is considered essential and we are still working in support of our employees and customers, I have not had a considerable extra time on my hand.  


I encourage you to consider what you are doing and how you spend your time.  Find a new hobby. Enjoy the things you have neglected. Attach those projects that you have put off.  Maybe direct your energy to your automobile. If your ride is sitting in the garage and needs a little TLC, Scorpion has you covered and we are shipping products out daily.


Numerous options


DIY Bed Liners

  • Jeep Tubs
  • RV Roofs
  • Trailer Decks


Ceramic Coating

  • Premium IO2 Coatings
  • Ceramic Maintenance Spray
  • Wheel Coatings


Marine Coatings

  • Ceramic 
  • Reel Maxx (tackle protection)


Boats, RV, Jeeps, Trucks, Cars, UTV’s


The products listed above are a “gear-heads” dream.  You have so many options to make upgrades to your ride, or toys.  How about a durable liner in your side by side bed. You use it to haul wood to the campsite or cinder blocks to the barn.  Now is the time to protect it like you do your truck bed. Your side by side works just like your truck and with our Al’s Liner Shake & Shoot Bed Liner is a simple and cost effective means to protect it.  You can purchase your Shake & Shoot kits online HERE.  


While protecting the working part of the side by side, how about a premium ceramic coating spray to keep it looking new and polished.  The Scorpion CMX RENU is easy to use. Spray it on a clean surface, rub it in and wipe it off. The RENU can be picked up online for under $10.  Use the Shop Scorpion website HERE.  


Maybe your boat is your passion.  If it is, take a look at the SHOP MAXX page.  We offer coatings that will protect your passion.  Looking at the exterior and interior, the Marine Maxx will offer a barrier to dirt, grime, and UV rays.  Affordable and easy to use, Marine Maxx and Reel Maxx are a must for the water enthusiast. Did I say that it is EASY?  Give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed!