Decorative Floor with Scorpion Pro Epoxy

Decorative floor coatings has become a booming business.  Home owners are looking for way to make their investment stand out and not look like ” The Jones”.

Decorative flooring is a great way to accomplish this.  Using epoxy materials as the base and decorative chips to create a one of a kind look will have the ” The Jones” trying to keep up with you!

Scorpion Pro Epoxy offers numerous benefits and is extremely durable.  The Scorpion Pro Epoxy system is cost effective and for the installer and when cost are good for the installer, those savings can be passed on to the consumer.  Minimal start up cost keep your initial investment and risk on the small end of the spectrum.  When considering the risk reward factors, Scorpion Pro made sense for installers across the United States.  


Why Choose Scorpion?

Scorpion Protective Coatings has been been in the protection game since the mid 90’s.  Ou market is vast and diverse.  Vehicles, Containment, EMS & Fire Trucks, water proofing, trailers, non-skid, construction, and military markets all have partnerships with Scorpion.


When it comes to protection, epoxy is a natural fit for our product base.  There is a prevailing theme within the Scorpion organization and that is PROTECTION.  All of our products provide some sort of protection for vehicles, equipment, and windows, and numerous other surfaces.


The Decorative Flooring Market

This market is huge and there is a demand.  The demand is higher in some regions and commands a premium price in some areas.  The reason for the demand is unlimited versatility.  Epoxy offers numerous was to finish, both in look and texture.  It can have a marble look, but the same products can be configured differently to offer non-skid walking surfaces on pool or patio decks.

  • Decorative 
  • Quartzes
  • Chips
  • BioSting 

Scorpion Protective Coatings, Inc. has been a family owned business since 1996.  Protection is what we do!  From truck bed liners, window film, and epoxy, we have a full spectrum of protection.