Last week we talked with Harold Herschberger that is a relatively new Scorpion Dealer in Arthur, IL. For the last ten years he has been involved in the family business which manufactures farm equipment, but has branched out to start his own. He has been a Scorpion Dealer for a few months now and we wanted to learn more about what he does and why Scorpion was a good fit for him.

Harold started his business doing body work and trailer repair. He then added automotive accessories such as window tinting, and now he has added bed liners. We asked why Scorpion? He said that the main reasons he chose Scorpion were the availability of colors and the versatilitiy. He could see where he could use the product on more than just bed liners.

Since adding Scorpion, Harold says that he has increased traffic to his shop even though he has only been spraying for a few months. When asked what the best feature of Scorpion, he said colors and textures. He can offer customers more than just one color and/or texture.

We would like to thank Harold for his time and appreciate his hard work and wish him a great 2013.