A Day in the Life…

Scorpion is a truck bed liner, window film, and epoxy company.  We have been a truck bed liner company for nearly 25 years.  We added window film 12 years ago and epoxy 2 years ago.  

We are a group that makes protective coatings.   Coatings for nearly any surface, any where, any time, for any purpose.  

We make coatings all day.  But, like anyone else, we get distracted.  There are numerous reasons we get distracted.  I suppose we get distracted for many of the same reasons that other small, family owned companies do.

  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Drama
  • Politics
  • COVID-19
  • Fantasy Football ( I put this in a category by itself because fantasy football talk is filled with smack talk, ridiculing, degrading comments, and arrogance)

These are a few of the hot topics that might cause members of Team Scorpion to be off task currently.  Other topic that is very popular this time of year is youth sports, as many of here are involved or coaching youth sports.

 We are slightly different in some of the distractions that you can find us discussing.  

  • Adhesion Testing
  • Texture
  • Golf- we are hacks, but we still play
  • Color Options
  • Mounting adhesive
  • Dealer Incentives
  • Protected Territories
  • The next “friendly wager”
  • Jeeps vs Trucks
  • Pontoons vs Speed Boats

These seem like some odd topic for water cooler discussion, but they are very important to us at Scorpion HQ!  From the products we make and sale, to the dealers we support, these topics come up regularly.  Even the friendly wager capture some of our customers.  Just ask Terry Mayer of PowerCoat Canada!  During the Olympics when the US Women Hockey Team beat Team Canada, Terry had to sing the US National Anthem live on Facebook as payment for his bed!   Terry paid his debt with class and dignity, but my ears still hurt.   (It is one of our most viewed videos on facebook EVER)!


We get distracted for many of the same reasons everyone else does.  But, many of distractions come from a passion for what we do.  It helps that many of us have similar life interests and are in a similar place in our lives with kids and families.  Much of that is born for us being competitive.  Just a small glimpse into the life of a typical day at Scorpion HQ.  If you stop in to see us, be ready to the smack!