Custom XO2 Package

Scorpion Bed Liner System Customized Just For You

Whether you are adding on to your business or your company needs a high performance protective coating, XO2 is the way to go. Now we must figure out how you want to start. Don’t worry. We will let you decide how much material you want, what tools you want, and if you want marketing plans to go with it. Many customers opt for a customized plan because every business has different needs.

What Can I Customize?

You can customize basically everything in your package.

XO2 Kits

Choose the number of 2 Gallon kits up to 18 kits or move up to the 45 or 99 gallon kits. So what is the difference in the kits besides size? The Scorpion 2 Gallon Kits come complete with each component (A, B, C, Adhesion Promoter, and color). They are pre-measured so mixing is quick and easy. Simply pull the contents out of the box, mix, and apply. The great thing about 2 gallon kits is that you can order however much you need at a time. Only spraying 1 truck – order 1 kit. But what if you are spraying a fleet of trucks or several each day? That is where the large volume kits come in.

The larger volume kits are bulk packaged in 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums. These kits offer the best savings per gallon and are designed for applicators needing a steady supply of XO2 on hand due to higher volumes. Many commercial applicators use the 45 and 99 gallon kits because of this. But it’s up to you. If you need help deciding, no problem. That is what we are here for.


Are you going to apply XO2 in black only or do you want to apply a variety of colors. Scorpion tints are custom tints that are designed to work perfectly with XO2. You can use any automotive pigment but certain conditions apply. We will go over this when you contact us.


You can also choose the tools and accessories you want. Scorpion has a line of tools to make your job a lot easier. You can choose cup brushes, variable speed polishers, gun holders, extra spray guns, release agent for gun cleaning, mini-hoppers, etc. You may already have some of these already. No need to buy what you don’t need.


Scorpion offers applicators additives that add unique properties to XO2. Wanting to add more texture? You may want to use Rubber Crumb or Gripper Granules. You may way to make XO2 harder and remove the glossy look with Vinyl Flattener. You can also add flare with Metal Flake. It’s up to you.

Marketing Packages

If you need marketing support, we have you covered there too. We have 3 plans that will get your company noticed in a hurry. We can also custom create a unique marketing plan just for you. Again, you decide.

Next Steps

Call or contact Scorpion. Have a rough budget and an idea of what you are looking to accomplish with Scorpion. We will walk you through the process and give you some options based on what you need and where you want to go. We will put together a custom package that will put you on the right path.

Contact Scorpion for more information about this package or take a look at another package. You can always call us toll free at 800-483-9087.

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