Get Superior, Durable, Custom Spray On Bed Liners

If your truck’s bed liner is in a poor state and your bed is deteriorating as a result, or if you have no bed liner at all, Scorpion’s spray on bed liners are the perfect solution to your problem. The easily applied spray on bed liners create a water-proof and scratch-resistant polyurethane coating that can be made to match your truck’s color scheme. It takes relatively little time to apply the non-toxic coating and make your tuck bed impervious to water and corrosion. The spray on bed liners last a lifetime and look great, making them one of the best investments you can make to ensure long life for your truck bed.

Advantages Over Drop-In Bed Liners

Drop-in bed liners have many disadvantages that make them less than ideal for protecting your truck bed. The most prominent is the fact that they leave a gap between your truck’s bed and the bottom of the liner. That gap allows water and other corrosive elements to get trapped between the liner and bed, and that can lead to rapid deterioration. Over time, the liner itself can dry out, become brittle, crack and break in spots. Those defects ensure your bed will deteriorate as more water and corrosive elements become trapped underneath and start working their way through the metal components of your truck bed.

When you apply one of the Scorpion spray on bed liners, the liner adheres directly to the surface of your truck’s bed liner. Multiple coatings will increase the thickness, protection and durability. The polyurethane spray on custom truck bed liners make it impossible for water and other corrosive elements to penetrate to the base metal, and they are virtually impossible to scratch. No matter what you load into your truck, Scorpion spray on bed liners can handle it without cracking, splitting or having holes worn into the liner, which is common with drop-in bed liners. The liners also resist corrosive substances, and spills are easy to clean up. Best of all, the color lasts no matter how much exposure it has to the sun’s damaging UV rays. That means you will have a colorful custom bed liner that lasts instead of one that turns a dull, ugly gray, like a drop-in bed liner.

Multiple Colors and Textures

When you choose among the many types of Scorpion spray on bed liners, you can make your truck bed virtually any color to match its color, and there are a variety of textures at your disposal. Many truck owners opt for a non-slip texture to help ensure firm footing when loading and unloading in the rain and other conditions. Some truck owners prefer a smooth texture, which can make the surface look as smooth as glass. All varieties contain an anti-static compound and come with a lifetime warranty. Applicators are available in every state, and Scorpion spray on custom truck bed liners are a very affordable solution for obtaining superior truck bed protection.

Easy Preparation for Your Truck Bed

If your truck bed is a little beat up from years of use it’s very easy for you to prepare it for a new spray on custom bed liner. If you have any dents or high spots, you can use standard auto body tools to pull dents and gently hammer down high spots to make the surface smooth. Some sanding with 40-grit sandpaper will help the spray on liner to permanently adhere to the surface of your truck bed. The polyurethane liner will fill in and smooth over any tiny scratches and make your truck bed look new.