Custom Colored Truck Bed Liner

Custom Colors for Truck Bed Liners

The XO2 coating always comes to you without the tint added so that you can change the color of the coating as you mix it. For Custom Colors you can use any urethane compatible tint to color the XO2.

 It is very important that you only get the Tint/Pigment/Base and metal-flake when ordering Custom Tints. If the supplier adds any of the hardeners, binders, clears, etc., it will react with those materials that are already in the XO2. This can result in the XO2 setting up immediately and/or completely change the intended color.

   Standard colors will require twice as much tint as using Scorpion tints. Semi-translucent tints (white, tan, gold, silver, etc.) will require 4 times as much tint. For example, a large batch calls for 4 ounces (1/8th part) of tint. Standard automotive tint will now need 8 ounces (1/4th part), and semi-translucent custom tints will need 16 ounces (1/2 part). Do not use Pearl tints as they are too thin and cannot color the thick XO2 coating.

   12 to 16 ounces of tint added to a large XO2 batch will tend to make the material “looser”. Vertical surfaces may need lighter passes to get the film build without sagging.

   Good coverage is important on Custom Colors as light or thin areas can show the substrate.

With Scorpion’s XO2, you have the most versatile bed liner product available.  From the above mentioned custom colors, to non-skid additives, the possibilities are limitless with Scorpion.