COVID-19 Outbreak?


What will you do and how will you handle it?  


This is a question that a year ago would not have been fathomable, but now it seems to be everyday reality.  


Students, employees, family….all could be affected in coronavirus world.  Facility Managers have vastly different tasks now and keeping the people that enter their space is now a major issue. 


How will you achieve safety and sanitation? 


Foggers and concentrated disinfectants seem to be the most logical and effective way to achieve this.  


In the days of contact tracing, corona maps and asymptomatic people, precaution is the best defense.  


Foggers and concentrates seem to be the hot topic item right now.  Kinda like the toilet paper shortage was back in April.  The thing about this type of product and equipment is that Scorpion was already taking a close look at them before the pandemic started.  We were exploring ways to allow our team of window tinters across the world a safe and affordable way to sanitize cars before they have to get in them.  Another benefit was that they could sanitize the cars before giving them back to the owners as a form of reassurance.  


And the CoronaVirus happened.  

Suddenly what we thought would be a small niche market of window film professionals, we are now getting contacted by school superintendents and health care administrators from across the United States and Canada.  They are looking for ways to keep their building safe and clean.  Much like the toilet paper problem back in April, if you don’t have it right now, it is getting harder and harder to find these products and actually get your hands on them.


Scorpion has options for the people that are tasked with keeping others safe.   The Shield Ultra and a electrical fogger or battery fogger are all available on the Buy Scorpion Website while supplies last.