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Scorpion Bed Liner System + Marketing Program

Scorpion 2 Gallon Kits are a revolution in the bed liner and protective coatings industry. No longer are you tied into long-term contracts or having to pay high fees just to order product. These easy to use, pre-measured kits offer simplicity and value to you and your business. There are 3 combinations to get your business going using the Combo Packs. Let’s start with ComboPlus Pack 1.

ComboPack 1 – TIK495

The first combination in the Plus Pack series is a great package for users starting out. It features a low cost of entry which helps get you in the black quickly. ComboPlus Pack 1 contains enough material to spray 3 trucks. This means that you will receive 3 – 2 gallon kits for a total of 6 gallons. The average applicator will spray around 2 gallons of XO2 material in a short bed pickup truck under the rails. That is why 2 gallon kits have become a favorite for our applicators. Each 2 gallon kit contains A, B, and C components – adhesion promoter, our black toner, and a high viscosity micro mix paddle.

You will also receive a professional series spray gun too. This gun is our pneumatic, 1.5 gallon gravity-fed hopper style gun. It features a 5 point nozzle, adjustable trigger settings and of course a 1.5 gallon hopper. This gun is small enough to handle most large scale jobs and is small enough to get into tighter spaces than our 2.5 gallon hopper gun.

Now for the Plus part of the ComboPlus Packs.

– 3 Bed Liner Kits
– 6 Gallons Scorpion Premium XO2
– 1x Professional Series Spray Gun
– 1x LMR
– 1x 4″ Cup Brush
– Monthly Marketing Package

Where is the “Plus”?

The “Plus” is in the Marketing Packages. You want to grow your business and the ComboPlus Packs help you do that with premium marketing materials. This pack comes with your choice of marketing plan. These plans can include the following and more: printed & digital training materials, business development toolkit, brochures, banner, counter display, care & maintenance hangers, and a listing to the Scorpion Customer Referral Service. Talk about plus.

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