What Color Truck Bed Liner is Right For You


It is always said that color scheming is a thing for the women. Who says men cannot color match? In this day an era, color matching is an activity you can take up as a man without question if you decide to color match your spray in truck bed liner. You will not only turn heads with your custom liner, but also have the bed of your truck protected.

Some decide that they do not need to color match, but go for bed liner colors other that black to create an appealing color contrast.

Scorpion Coatings 14 Options for Spray In Bedliner Colors

Color choice-You should always go for a color you like. Be it that flaming red or the subtle black, it should be a color you won’t get bored with.

Long lasting- Always get a bed liner that will serve you for a long time. If possible, one that will last the lifetime of the truck.

Gloss- Truck bed coating colors with a glossy looking finishes always make your liner seem as good as new.

UV protection-Your choice of color should include a liner that is UV protected so that the effects of the light are reduced and the color of the liner does not fade off too fast.

It protects the back of the truck from scratches.

The great thing about Scorpion’s XO2 truck bed liner system is that it offers unmatched versatility.  When working with a batch mix system, you mix how much you need and what color you need.

A customer colored or color matched truck bed liner is a great way to make your truck stand out in a crowd.  After all, you truck is your baby and you treat like that.