Coatings for Fire Trucks and EMS

For over 25 years, Scorpion Truck Bed Liners have been partners to a variety of shops.  The Mom & Pop shop that pinches and gets by with offering any service they can to the large conglomerate dealerships that have multi-million dollar inventories.  Of course, they are our truck bed liner customers, what about all the original equipment manufacturers out that implement Scorpion’s XO2 into their manufacturing process?  Over the years we have found partnerships with some of the finest manufacturers in the World.  From Ambulance to fire trucks, to trailers, these OEM’s have found the need and to implement a high build, high abuse coating into their process.


All these partners have something in common.  They desire a coating that is worthy of their high standards that will represent their name in the way they want.  Their components installed on their equipment reflects their standards and a reflection of their brand.   The determination to put additional accessories on a OEM piece of equipment can be challenging to make.  To ensure the continuation of their reputation, they most be100% certain that any accessory added to the equipment is going to live up to the standard that the company has spent years building.  It will only take one negative experience to begin tearing down that reputation.  In the EMS, Ambulance, and Fire Truck industries where the standards are extremely high, only the best will do.  It make me proud to say that Scorpion XO2 coating system is used in these facilities.  Some of the largest and best manufactures in World use our product daily.  Many of the companies have 100+ years of history to fall back on.  With that history, I think that if Scorpion’s XO2 is good enough for them, then is more than good enough for a truck bed liner.  Really, is there an industry that takes more pride in their equipment than fire trucks and EMS services?  I am betting that you have not seen a dirty fire truck.  Pride equal care and care means it is built with quality.  If a product that is design to be a bed liner is strong enough for the fire and ambulance industry, well, I think it would do just fine in your truck bed.

Hey don’t take my work for it, call one of our installers and give it try.  Scorpion will be the last truck bed liner you ever need.


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