Boats, Boats, and more Boats!

Boats are an extremely large piece of Summer time activities in the Midwest.  This same principle can probably be applied to various other parts of world.  From pontoons, air boats, duck boats, bass boats, jet skis, and speed boats, Scorpion Protective Coatings offers coatings for all types of boats.

We have seen an unlimited amount of applications for a polyurea bed liner material on boats.  Customers and manufactures alike, understand that by implementing a strong durable polyurea bed liner in their leisure boat or manufacturing process, the end-product can take more abuse and last longer.

Possible Applications

  • Decking for non-skid
  • Corrosive barrier
  • Salt water barrier
  • Styrofoam covering
  • Storage containers
  • Compartments
  • Rock guards
  • Beaching guard

With over 20 years in the industry, Scorpion has seen numerous applications related to boats.  Scorpion’s XO2 boat liner offers unmatched durability and unlimited customization’s.  One of our most common applications is a non-skid deck surface that is not going to annoying to bare feet when walking.  For this, we suggest adding an aggregate that provides additional texture.  Additives are embedded into the boat liner coating, therefore providing a comfortable walking surface.

Some customers decide to take advantage of Scorpion’s versatility.  XO2 offers many different way to configure.  We can do a wide variety of colors options and well as unlimited custom color options.  Another great feature of this product is the ability to use metal flake with the coatings to create a one of a kind look.

Another common application of boat liner is to spray the high abuse areas on the exterior of the boat.  Again, with unlimited versatility, custom colors are possible.  For the pontoon owner that frequent shallow lakes, a layer of bed liner can go a long way in prolonging the life of the pontoons.

Still others just want to create a custom look.  They want the please craft to stand out in the crowd, something different from everyone else.  If this is the case, look no further that Scorpion’s XO2.

We have a vast dealer network of over 500 trained professional applicators.  We encourage you to use our Dealer Locator tool and consult a dealer near you.