Coating For All Surfaces


What does a coating mean to you?  Is it just a truck bed liner?  Others think of a coating as a thin layer of paint.  In the Scorpion World, coatings have multiple meanings. 


Yes, it is a truck bed liner.  But, it is so many other things.  In the coatings world, it can be any of the following


  • Powder coat
  • Paint
  • Bed liner
  • Epoxy
  • Sealant
  • Insulation
  • Foam


Defining what you need or expect from a coating is the first step.   All the above products are a type of coating.  They have different resigns and chemical makeup.  They are different. The amount of surfaces that these materials can be applied to is vast and endless.   

We could go on for days with different uses and applications.  


Scorpion offers polyurea and polyurethane coatings as a bed liner system or protective coating.     We offer PowerCOAT Epoxy for flooring options.  




Scorpion was founded as a truck bed liner company.  Our vast network of installers covers all 50 states and 20+ countries throughout the world.  For many, it is a truck bed liner.  For others, it is included in a manufacturing process.   


Why would you add steps to an already busy assembly line?


Abuse protection

Corrosive barrier

Water tight seal

Easy to use



Real Life Example


Some of the largest customers Scorpion has are what we classify as OE Customers.  They build original equipment.  That can be fire trucks, ambulances, trailers, agricultural machines.  


Several years back a fire truck manufacturer reached out to us with a corrosion problem.  They had an area on the underside of the cab of the fire truck that was extremely susceptible to corrosion.  Paint was breaking down too quickly and leading claims from their dealers.  ( A really expensive problem for a manufacturer to deal with).  


This area was small, only accounting for approximately 6 square feet.   But, this small area was causing headaches and problems for the company AND affecting the bottom line.  A problem like this can hurt a company’s reputation.  That is probably one of the most important things a company has.  Many companies work years for a solid reputation.  Problems left unsolved can have significant negative impacts.  The reputation of a company can be tarnished so quickly and easily with negative experiences.  Amazing, and you all know it, that for all the positive things it is the ONE negative that can leave a lasting effect.  


Once the Scorpion XO2 was in place, they added more coatings to their rigs.  They found other locations that a simple layer of protection would offer their end users a better, more durable Fire truck!  Again, this reduced warranty claims and damage reports from their dealers and technicians.  


The Bottom Line


It is easy, cost affordable, and durable.  Implementing Scorpion’s XO2 into their assembly process was handled on site.  Scorpion technicians taught their paint staff how to prep and spray.