Scorpion CMX ION

Premium Ceramic Coating

When you are on the water, the last thing you want to worry about in the integrity of your boat! 

With Marine and Wheel applications as specific to targets for Scorpion ION, you have many other surfaces that would benefit.  

  • Countertops
  • Ceramic tiles
  • fuel tanks
  • tanker trucks

Scorpion CMX ION  Ceramic Coating was designed specifically for wheels and marine use, but there are 1000’s of other uses that it can be used on.  ION can take on the most extreme conditions and last for years. ION is a permanent protective coating and can resist extreme heat. 

Marine Advantages

  • No barnacles
  • No algae build up
  • Better fuel economy

Wheel Advantages

  • Cleaner wheels
  • Long lasting shine
  • Barrier to brake dust


These benefits mean you will enjoy a long lasting cleaner look while providing protection.  Surfaces will stay cleaner, longer.

CMX ION Marine and Wheel Coating

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