Classy Bed Liner for a Classy Truck

Even the “classics” need some Scorpion TLC!  

Scorpion is committed to our community.  We participate in many youth educational and youth sports sponsorship opportunities.  We don’t limit our community responsibilities to just youth.  Our local hospital hosts a Benefit Gala with the proceeds going to help with patients fighting cancer.  We were asked to donate a truck bed liner for their auction and happily agreed. 

Once the winner was announced, he reached out very eager to get a Scorpion Truck Bed Liner installed  in his 1987 Chevy Silverado. Oh Yeah! A square body 87 was next in line for a Scorpion Liner!  It is not every day that you get to put your hands and expertise on truck that is older than some younger generation that work at Scorpion.  

When winner of the bed liner delivered the truck we were extremely impressed with the amazing restoration all but the truck bed, it needed some Scorpion protection. It was in immaculate condition. 

Scorpion was up for the challenge.  We applied our staple product, Scorpion XO2, with our flattening agent.  The Flattener reduces the shine and offers closer to a matte finish. It also increases the hardness of the finished product.  XO2 is known for its glossy finish and for this restoration project, we wanted to take that shine down somewhat to create a look that seemed more natural for 30+ year old truck .

We love to help out in the community.  It is also nice when you can help in ways that are different that the typical youth sports donation.